"God's Been Swinging" - Lewis Brindley 2013
Yo. I'm Clarissa, I'm 17, a Libra and enjoy long walks on the beach and sunsets.
I mainly reblog Yogscast, Sherlock, In The Flesh, Animes (Including Attack On Titan, Free! & Dramatical Murder).
I have a massive crush on Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Alsmiffy and Djh3max (Ross).
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August 22
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In one of my film classes last semester we had to tell a story in 3 pictures for a mini assignment so my friend and I did this

August 22
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Free! Dating sim » Matsuoka Rin
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August 22
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Benedict Cumberbatch Ice Bucket Challenge (X)

August 22
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partiallyparticle reblogged your post and added:

Do you need some reassuring messages?

I think I’m ok thanks :) Just annoyed at myself =/ But hopefully everything will get sorted and back on track soon

August 22
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August 22
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I’m actually crying at the thought of the dentist having to inject me and having a fucking numb face again.

I told my mum about the filling only for her to say ‘Oh well you have an appointment on the 2nd of September’. Thanks for letting me know just because I mentioned this to you ¬_¬

We have barely any communication recently. It took my mum a week to ask about my A Levels, only because I mentioned how well my cousin did in her GCSEs

August 22
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Smiffy and Sunglasses post

Those damn sexy shades

August 22
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Card art part 1: Hat Films + Littlenom

August 22
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Alex Smith collage, i like the flowers over the hearts

green theme for Smiffy because his soul is green

1/3 of Hatfilms

these were a lot of fun making ^u^
August 22
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Benedict Cumberbatch Ice bucket challenge 

August 22
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Benedict Cumberbatch doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

+ bonus:

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August 22
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Favourite moments from Benedict’s Ice Bucket Challenge


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August 22
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August 22
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Benedict Cumberbatch Ice Bucket Challenge - 5 times!!

August 22
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Shower Scene Appreciation [x]

I can’t decide if he’s hot as hell or just adorable!